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  • I chose to have my permalinks of the format /%category%/%postname%/. This messes up the whole page links. My site seem to work when i have /index.php/%category%/%postname%/.

    I don’t understand why it is expecting index.php/ for all the urls. Any idea on how to get rid of index.php in permalinks structure, yet to have all functional links?

    Thanks for any help towards this.

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  • Try post-id/category/postname. The site may indeed get messed up if there is no numerological part that will definately change. I don’t have a clue about the index.php part, but I don’t use it myself, I just have /post-id/postname (and I wrecked my site when I tried just /postname).

    I use the Yahoo! webhosting if that helps the genies out here to solve my issue! And this is a fresh installation of 2.5

    you wouldn’t be seeing that if your host supported mod_rewrite.

    I suggest changing hosts before you stuff google with links to all your hard work, which will one day have to change when you finally wise up and use a hosting company that offers the single most commonly requested feature ever.

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    I use the Yahoo! webhosting

    There’s your problem.

    Get a real host. One that supports mod_rewrite.

    Hmm… i luv Yahoo! as it provides the most reliable service.

    Has anyone got a way to solve this issue without having to change the host?

    mod_rewrite is an Apache module that rewrites permalinks on the fly. If your host will not enable it you are SOL.

    Informational reading,

    only 2.5 mess up this issue . Bug is 2.5 not handling permalink as 2.3 did!

    Can someone comment on this with a possible fix?

    I have tried the yahoo’s customizable permalinks plugin as well, with no success in finding a solution for this issue. Appreciate any help on this.

    Hi there,

    I am getting mad… I have exactly the same problem.

    – wordpress version 2.5
    – web host is eukhost

    they support mod_rewrite.

    I changed permalink into /%post_name%/, but it doesn’t work without the /index.php/%post_name%/

    And in addition if you have some sub-categories, it won’t display the images.
    So i had to change all the sub-categories into parent categories.

    But the main problem still index.php

    Any solution?
    I just found a script to type into .htaccess but I am afraid I am going to get more troubles!

    Any plugin ?


    CodeCritic, I am in the same boat. I love Yahoo’s support as well. In a situation where I simply can’t fix something, I can literally call them and always get a helpful person to suss it out. Anyway, the thing with Yahoo is that both you and I are using a version of WP that Yahoo does not yet support. They are usually a few versions behind. If you want the latest version of WP, it seems that you gotta go to a more supportive host. If you want to wait for a few months for Yahoo to get their server to support this version of WP, then just switch your blog to autoupdate…and wait. I have to decide what to do also. Not sure yet.

    Hi! I´ve contacted my Hosting provider (ALPSHOST.COM) and they told me they dont support .htaccess edit…I think because it is a Windows primary based Hosting, although I have PHP and MySQL without any problems.

    Is there a workaround for me? I am migrating some Blogger Blogs to WordPress as it is much more flexible and I want to hold the same Permalinks I use to have in Blogger so I dont loose any linkback and indexed posts.
    The whole point is to avoid the editing of each post, one of my blogs have more than 2000 entries.

    Thanks for anyone for your help!

    Wow, I have the exact same problem. I have a dedicated virtual server but I am not sure if it supports mod_rewrite. I am sending a trouble ticket now. So we have no other solutions?

    Here’s a link with lots of info on permalinks (mod_rewrite, when index.php in permalinks is needed, etc.):

    i use no problem..

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