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  • WP 2.01 seems to be based on the MS Word model of how you write text: You write a long stream of text with no carriage returns and then a carriage return signifies end of paragraph.

    I HATE this for various reasons including:
    * I want to do all my editing in my text editor of choice which I have used for years and years and with which I am comfortable and fluent.
    * I often want a post to be used elsewhere and so saved as a text file, or vice versa, I want a text file (formatted to 80 columns) as the basis of a post.

    How can I switch this off and replace it with a scheme that is better for me (which I imagine would be that two successive carriage returns equals a [p])?

    I am aware that I could use PHP Markdown (and will do so if necessary), but PHP Markdown is a little more heavyweight than what I need and reading the extent to which the author had to fight the WordPress internals to get it to work makes me worry about the possibility of it not working and being abandoned when WP 3.0 or 4.0 come out, leaving me with a database of content that displays terribly.

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  • Go to Users > Your Profile, and uncheck “Use the visual rich editor when writing” under Personal Options.

    This will replace the rich text editor with the *plain* one, but that editor works as requested (two returns equal a paragraph–however one equals a line break (<br />)).

    Cool! Great.

    Thanks so much.

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