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  • We’re looking to translate a mid-size blog (400 posts) in multiple languages by setting up a wordpress multi-site, one language per child site. Our posts have lots of photos and we’d like to use the existing ones on the main English site, for the child sites (insert URL) so we minimize duplication of pictures. There is an easy way to do this: go into the English post, click Edit, then text, then copy & paste the photos URLs into the translated post on the child site. Our challenge is we’re not comfortable giving access to the English site to the people who will do the translation and upload on child sites, they could accidentally delete/change things on the main source.

    Is there a plugin that could create an output of the [text content] in the WordPress editor, for all posts? SQL experts, is there a query in PHPMyAdmin that could output 2 columns, 1 = post name, 2 = post text in code format? That would make it easy to share a spreadsheet with the translators who can then copy and paste image URLs with good formatting/dimensions directly into each child site.


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