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  • I have made a site using WordPress for a business client.

    He has a comments page and wants to approve or disapprove comments before they go live.
    I do not want to gave him access to the back end for a few reasons one being he could break the site (trust me he could)
    Also I dont want him to see the name wordpress.

    Can I set up the emails that he can approve or disapprove the comments, with a click without him having to log in to his site.

    Thanks for any help.

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  • Even if he were to receive emails about comments, he would still need to login to approve/reject it. Other method is using RSS, then he can manually email you, what to approve/reject (this would be tedious!).

    Come clean, just tell him it’s based on WP, unless it’s suicidal 😀

    I have being on forums telling readers the advantage of using WordPress as a script for websites. The answer I always get is, thats a free script, how can you charge for it.
    They do not realise the cost of templates, script (as in writing) banners, hosting ect. they just think WordPress is free it should cost them nothing.

    That is the reason why I dont want him to know. Also this guy will go experimenting and will mess it up and come back to me and say I did not do a good job. I would have to fix his mistakes for free.
    It would be a nightmare.

    Can you tell me or gave me a link on how to set up the RSS for comments.

    Check out the plugin ‘WP Comments Moderators’. With it you can give a subscriber the rights to moderate comments. They still have to go to the admin page, but most choices will be unavailable.

    a combination of that and an admin theme might work eh? Just set the back end up to look like the front end!!!

    Also check out This says it lets you change the header of the Admin page so it can look like the site header.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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