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    I’m sure there’s a really easy solution to this, but I just cannot find it. Been mucking about for hours now..

    When you make a new post, it automatically goes to the front page, which is good. I do, however, want posts from a certain category to go to a page aswell.

    Say I’m writing a review about a movie. I put the review in the “Movie Review”-category and it goes to the front page. But I want every post from the “Movie Review”-category to go to the Review page aswell.

    I’m I making any sense?


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  • There’s a couple of different ways to accomplish this.

    If your website uses WordPress’ custom menus feature, you can create a menu item that links to a category.

    Here’s how:

    1) In your dashboard, click on Appearance -> Menu

    2) Inside the Categories box, put a checkmark beside “Movie Reviews” and then click “Add to menu” button.

    3) Adjust placement of your newest menu item in the menu, and then hit the Save Menu button.

    What’s the difference between the “Movie Review”-category and “Movie Review”-page?

    Thank you Andrew, I’ll look into that right away.

    Peter, well, pages are static in wordpress, no?

    I think it’s more of a matter of multiple posts (i.e. a category) vs. a single post (i.e a page) . . . but as I said, there’s more than one way to do this. I tried to opt for the simplest.

    Thank you very much Andrew, it worked like a charm!

    Glad to hear it. When you have a moment, could I ask you to mark this thread as resolved? Thank you.

    Ah, didn’t see that one.

    Thanks again.

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