• Hi everyone,
    I have just heard of the Markdown syntax and it is definitely something that, I think, will make life easier.

    Anyway, I am having trouble getting it on WordPress. Through Google, I found the following:


    The instructions seem simple enough: Download, place in plugins folder and activate; Just like any other plugin. Cool.

    I then disabled the visual editor. However, whenever I enter text like the following (minus the quotes of course) “**strong emphasis with asterisks**”, the text looks plain.

    I will note that the blog already already has some old posts with HTML. Not sure if that has any bearing. Maybe this plugin is not the way to get Markdown syntax? I believe I read somewhere Markdown is already included in WordPress but can’t be sure.

    In either case, I was hoping the WP community can help me out here.

    PS: First time posting here, though not first time using WordPress. So yeah. Go WordPress!

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  • I have been wondering about how to get markdown to work with wordpres myself lately.
    As I have understood it a little more complicated than it may sound.
    Wordpress processes the on many levels which makes it hard (as far as I have read).

    But maybe someone already have made something that is working?

    Anywho if anyone have any ideas, please shear with us so we also may be enlighted;)

    I’ve successfully followed the instructions for PHP-Markdown Extra at the URL given. Worked in minutes.

    Makimaki: you are correct in your assumption that the existing HTML would interfere. Markdown cannot be placed within block-level HTML tags. So if you have HTML on the page and Markdown within it then the Markdown will not be processed. If you have HTML on the page it’s possible the visual editor left a trailing opening block tag and the Markdown is being wrapped inside that.

    Markdown-extra can be placed inside HTML lock tags – have a look at this page for more information. http://michelf.com/projects/php-markdown/extra/#markdown-attr

    hope this helps

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