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    I’ve seen several posts about this but haven’t nailed the definitive answer.

    For historical reasons, many of my subscribers use a feed url that delivers the old rss version=”0.92″ feed. This is also what you get from:


    Until recently, this used to have the full text in the description field. It no longer does; and I can’t figure out why; it might have been switching to pretty permalinks or it might have been the last WordPress update that changed it.

    How can I get the full text back in the description element? I know there is a plug-in; but is that really necessary?


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  • onlyconnect


    After a fair amount of effort, I’ve worked out how to do this by amending the source. At your own risk etc etc, but if you edit the file:


    find this line:

    <description><?php the_content_rss(”, 0, ”, get_option(‘rss_excerpt_length’)) ?></description>

    and change it to this:

    <description><?php the_content_rss(”, 0, ”, get_option(‘rss_excerpt_length’),1) ?></description>

    then you will probably get full HTML RSS 0.92 feeds again – if you selected full text feeds in the first place.

    I can’t see any way of getting this *without* making the change (though I could be wrong, I guess plugins can do anything), so it seems to be a change in a recent version.


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