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  • I have the latest WP installed. Works great.
    I am using the default theme. Looks great.

    However, for the homepage, I would like nothing but a large image with some simple text (title of website) overlaid. The image would resize along with the screen and it would be a slideshow to go from one image to the next. This will be a landing page and of course it will not look like all my other pages.

    What is the best way to achieve this? (stable plugin?)

    Can you make recommendations please. I am unsure how to make my home page look completely different than the rest of the website. I think perhaps it would not be considered a child theme because the home page would not look similar at all to the rest of the main part of the website.

    To recap:
    1. home page: full screen image slide show
    2. all other pages: regular template

    I have uploaded a visual here:

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  • You can edit the home.php file of your theme to customize it the way you want. It will affect only your homepage and all other pages will look as your regular template.

    Thanks for the feedback Konstantinos! I appreciate the help. I will try editing that file. I will definitely make a backup as I’m sure I will screw it up somehow.

    Do you know if there are any plugins available that would allow me to have a ‘landing page’ that is just one big image?

    Then when the user clicks on the image, it takes them to a specific page?

    I’m not sure how to program a landing page with one big image that automatically resizes to fit the screen. I figure there must be a nice plugin for this. The landing page plugins I see so far seem to be for ‘coming soon’ and ‘maintenance mode’ which I don’t want.

    What is there is no home.php file in the template I’m using?

    I can’t seem to find one.

    I am totally stuck on trying to achieve a one-page full screen image landing page as the entry point to my website. I tried to do a child theme but I don’t understand how to get it to stop pulling all the structure from the actual template design, because I need all that stripped out and I simply want the page to big one large photo. And when the person clicks on that phot, they are then taken to the normal pages of the website which of course all use the normal template i have loaded.

    If there’s no home.php in your template, you create it and all visitors will see this page as homepage.


    For full page slider ,

    you can use the Full width page slider plugin or you can use custom jquery sldier to make it full width slider.

    after installation you can take the shortcode or php code then you can paste in any home.php or index.php it reflect only in home page.
    One more option if you don t havaany home.php file then you can create a custom template and then assign to home page in admin dashboard.

    Suresh g

    Thank you Suresh and Konstantinos for your responses. I will give that a try and report back.

    Thanks again Srikat, Suresh, and Konstantinos!
    I got it to work after much headache.

    I tried the Full Page Background Slider here:

    Unfortunately that didn’t work.
    The reason is the template I’m using from Theme Forest.
    It auto-generates a “galleries” page.
    So there is no actual “galleries” page in the PAGES area of admin.
    This meant I couldn’t turn off the slider on that page.
    Because the turn-off option for plugin is located at page edit level.

    So then I tried this and it worked.
    First, through the Media page in admin, I uploaded image for background.
    Image height is 1200px and width is 2000px.

    Since my template had no ‘home.php’, I created a blank file.
    Then I uploaded home.php to my themes/mytheme/… directory.
    This initially messed up my pages and template.
    I could not figure out why.
    Turns out, I had to go into: Settings > Reading…
    For “Front Page” I had to set drop down to: -SELECT-
    So now I don’t have a defined home page.
    This made things work.

    So now I had a blank screen at:
    Next, I loaded a regular page on the website: /about/
    Then I viewed the source for the page.
    I copied everything from !DOCTYPE down to </head> tag.
    Then I created <body> and </body> tags and finished with </html>

    I stripped out some coding between the <head></head> tags.
    Removed all in-page CSS styles applied from template.

    Then I added the following code within the <body> tags:

    Then I added the following code in the <head> tags.

    Probably not the best way to do it but…
    It’s working for now and I have a headache from trying.
    It’s also not the slideshow I hoped for.
    But it looks good with the single image filling the screen.

    I could not have done this without your help.
    Thanks again.

    This post helped:

    Actually, I just realized this did not work.
    { insert frustration remarks here }

    My /blog/ now is the landing page and doesn’t show my blog.
    It only shows the landing page with the image.
    Even though I have: POST PAGE (set to) BLOG

    Dang this is frustrating.

    So now I have: (shows landing page w/image) (shows landing page w/image)

    Why did my /blog page flip to become home page?
    Is there any way to fix this?
    At this point I’m ready to give up.

    Try to rename home.php to front-page.php and try again.


    What settings do I use in admin area for: Reading > “home page” and “blog page” ?

    Also, do I need to create a page in WordPress admin that says “Front Page” and then set that to be ‘static > home page’ under the Reading settings of the admin area?

    I tried renaming the home.php to be front-page.php since my theme did not already have a file by the name of that. This is what happened.

    [ /news ] which is currently set to [ Static Page > [ Front Page > News ]] suddenly became the landing page, showing just the image I have defined in my front-page.php file.

    So I clicked the image and the link took me to the /about page. But whenever I click on /news link in my navigation bar, it goes back to the landing page, rather than showing a page I have some news information on it. It seems no matter what, whatever page I have set as the home page in the Settings > Readings, that page becomes my landing page, rather than showing what actual information is on it.

    I think I understand from this codex link why that happened:

    But I’m still lost as ever on how to fix. I even asked the theme designer how to accomplish this custom home page that doesn’t look anything like any template pages at all and even offered to pay him for custom edit but no response unfortunately.

    UPDATE: Ok, so I tried this.

    front-page.php uploaded to themes folder.
    created a blank ‘home’ page in admin > pages > new pages > …
    set that new blank ‘home’ page [ Static Page > [ Front Page > Home ]]

    It seems to be working now as I hoped.
    Landing page loads with a clickable image.
    If you click the image, it goes to /news.
    All other pages look as expected too.
    But I’m sure I still did this wrong.

    Any comments?
    I’d really like to do this right.

    Hi, I am having the same problem with the theme Twenty Eleven. This is my website:
    I am unable to make the image on my static page full size. I also need to be able to click the image on the static page and go into my blog page. How do I do this? Any help is appreciatted

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