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    Hello @fox-didl,

    Thanks for reporting this – it seems like a strange error.

    Is your CRM translated into a different language than English?

    If so, what happens if you try using the plugin in English? Do you see the same Chines signs when checking the Contact Actions dropdown menu?

    Here are some instructions to change the language of your CRM, if needed.

    Let me know how you get on. Look forward to your reply!

    Thread Starter fox-didl


    Sure, we are working with german language. I changed to english and also english UK and no difference. Still the chineese letters and no drop down.

    Our installation ist just wordpress with your CRM. Nothing else. We are just syncing all shops orders to prevent of plugin conflicts.



    Hi @fox-didl,

    This is really odd behavior we cannot reproduce on our end, so I suspect something specific to your site (configuration or installed plugins) is causing this issue.

    Would you mind sending us more about your site’s information via ticket? You can submi a bug report using our form here:

    In your bug report, please including the following:

    **Site Health Info**
    Please use the WordPress Site Health feature to send us some more information about your site.

    **To do so, follow these steps:**

    – In your WP Admin dashboard menu, click **Tools**, then select **Site Health**.
    – Click *Info* at the top of the page.
    – Click the ‘Copy site info to clipboard’ button


    – Paste this information into your bug report.

    **Javascript errors**

    Would you check for JavaScript errors, and send us what you find in the Browser console when you click on the “Contact Actions” button (Auswahl Aktionen)?

    If you’re not sure how to do that, you can follow this guide:


    We are getting the same problem. Have only noticed today – we are running the latest version of the plugin. Have tried rolling back a version of the plugin but still get the same problem.

    Hi @actionmatt ,

    Please open a new thread, per the forum guidelines. Even if it seems similar, your issue and the OP’s could have different causes and it can get confusing trying to help more than one person at a time (in the same thread). 🙂




    Hi @fox-didl,

    It has been more than one week since we have heard from you, so I’m marking this topic as resolved.

    But if you have any further questions or need some more help, you’re welcome to reply here or open another thread.

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