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  • Resolved Pedro Magnifico


    I am trying to get PE to use a custom taxonomy category to use to replace:category on a custom post type created using the Custom Post Type UI plugin.

    IOW I have a custom post type called Events and a custom taxonomy called Events Categories (and applied it to the Events post type) and two categories in that taxonomy called Upcoming Events and Past Events and I want PE to expire posts with category:replace on Events posts to change them from Upcoming to Past at a specified date/time.

    The problem is that PE is not offering Events Categories as an option in the Taxonomy (hierarchical) dropdown in settings. The only option is the standard WP category.

    I understand that it appears that the plugin author is no longer involved but hoping a user might have some advice.

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  • I found the solution: in CPT UI, Hierarchical is set to False by default. Changing the setting to True added Events Categories as an option in the dropdown.

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