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How to Get Back to 3.4.2?

  • Hey everyone –

    I hastily upgraded WP to version 3.5, not realizing it’s incompatible with Pagelines. I am not a coding super genius, so could someone provide a tutorial for reverting back to version 3.4.2? Thanks ahead of time!


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  • What version of it are you using? Support for 3.5 was added in October, long before 3.5 was even beta.

    Perhaps provide a URL and tell us what isnt working?

    2.3.8 on Pagelines. My whole site is visually working. What isn’t working in Pagelines is when you go to edit pages & posts. The visual editor doesn’t come up. In the visual editor, you can see the code when you highlight it, but you can’t type in normal text at all. It’s sort of forcing me to type in HTML, and the entire kitchen sink is missing. You also can’t click on the html tab to edit in html. My SEO for Yoast plugin also doesn’t work.

    It’s weird and my friend suggested manually overwriting all of WP’s files. Just wanted to make sure that is the right step and if so, how to do it. Do you need a screenshot to better understand what I mean?

    Oh right, well your using the full paid for version, therefore you should be posting in the pagelines tech support forum here: http://www.pagelines.com/forum/forum/40-technical-support/

    But its probably another plugin causing the javascript issue, as I said PageLines added support for 3.5 as soon as WordPress changed the jQuery versions, and that was in October.

    Okay, thanks for getting me going in the right direction!

    Figured it out – it was my CKEditor plugin, which expands the functionality of WP’s current editor. Have to figure something else out, but happy it’s working again!

    Great stuff 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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