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  • Hi, I am new, and have no php knowledge. I like therefore the WP concept very much! I have generated some pages and it’s easy to get started.
    I want to make a list of slideshows and show this list on a wordpress page, as a part of my website. Users should be able to click on each folder link in this list and the slideshow should be opened in a different window.
    The slideshows I have, are generated by a third party java based software (JAlbum) and consist of html files and the pictures for that slide show. Each Slideshow is stored in it’s own directory.
    The slideshows directories are located in a folder different than the page where the list is to be presented (but I can change this, if needed).
    I have searched for suitable plugins. I thought I would not be the only one with this need, but I haven’t found anything close to what I need. I found one reference using a showContent(path) function, but the list output is a line with several directory hypertext links after each other, instead of below each other. The linking doesn’t work either to a directory outside the WP page where then list is shown.
    An anyone point me to the right direction?

    Thanks for any input!

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