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  • Hello gents and ladies,

    I’m a rookie in theme development, just started and my aim is to create a theme with the next widgets/systems included:

    I’m creating this theme for a professional dancer and i thought the combination would be nice, but i reached my first barrier and that’s:

    – creating the right menu output from wp_nav_menu() (i like it clean):

    <nav class="row globalnav">
    	<a href="#" id="Home">Home</a>
    	<a href="#" id="Biografie">Biografie</a>
    	<a href="#" id="Lessen">Lessen</a>
    	<a href="#" id="Workshops">Workshops</a>
    	<a href="#" id="Fotos">Fotos</a>

    smint.js hooks the id=”…” from <a>, in this case “Home”, with a <div class=”home”> down the page, to auto scroll down to it.
    You can create custom id’s for </a><a> like: id=”section1″ untill id=”section5″, but i thought it would be easier (later on) for (me in combination with) wordpress to generate the same <a> as the name of the Page, to eventually post the content of the Page inside the same named <div class="..."> like above.
    Maybe this is the wrong approach from a SMACCS or OOCSS kind of view, but it’s a start to get the thing rolling.
    The lady has to be able to customize the content of the pages etc…

    Now i’m a rookie with javascript and php as well, so editing the smint.js is too hard. So i started with researching:
    and i found

    Eventually my conclusion is: i have to create a custom walker function with Walker_Nav_Menu. Please correct me if i’m wrong or if you know a better solution!

    This is where i bub my head to the wall. Could someone help me out?

    Thank you in advance

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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