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    When writing a new post, I do not use the “visual rich editor” – I need the control of the WordPress HTML editor.

    But I have a few questions about using the Post Box in HTML view:

    1) It appears that I do not need to <p> tags – that is, if I just use the return key to insert a couple of line breaks, the wp-html editor seems to convert this into a set of <p></p> tags for me. Is this by design? Do I ever need to use <p> tags in the wp-html editor? What for?

    2) What about using different fonts or different color fonts? Should I use a font tag, like <font color="#999999">?

    3) The wp-html editor seems to convert double quotes into &ldquo; and single quotes into . Again, I assume this is by design and I do not need to use these special characters when writing – just let the wp-html editor do the conversion for me. Is this correct?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • 1. Enter x 1 = br
    Enter x 2 = paragraph
    (WP doesn’t care about more than 2x and will not display it)
    2. If I have a few set colours I always use span class and define it in the stylesheet
    3. Yes.

    So if I wanted to redefine <p> in my stylesheet, I would NOT have to do this in the wp-html post box:

    <div class="grey-text">
    <p>text goes here</p>
    <p>text goes here</p>

    but rather, simply:

    <div class="grey-text">
    text goes here

    text goes here

    Is this correct?

    The style sheet might look something like this:

    .grey-text {

    .grey-text p {

    Aside from <p>, <br>, single and double quotes, is there anything else that the wp-html editor converts automatically?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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