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  • is there any posibility to set, or force wordpress to order categories in specific order?
    or it is ordered allways alphabetical?
    Thank you

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  • I was told that you can order the link categories in your sidebar by putting spaces at the beginning of the category name (and it works) – the fewer spaces the further up the list the link will come. Maybe the same thing works for post categories…
    ‘On-site links’

    Where ‘-‘ is a space.

    thank you very much

    Great tip but I found just the opposite to be true when ‘managing’ links – more spaces farther up the list. Still a hearty thanks for the tip.

    There is a plugin that does exactly what you want. It’s called … drum roll … Category Order!

    You can get it here > (scroll down to the very bottom)

    benbt-japan & Co.

    When link or link categories is not explicitly mentioned, usually categories means POST categories 🙂
    A careful reading of the OP is always helpful…

    well, I thought he meant post categories. but I’m not a mind reader, although I played one on tv.

    I should have been clearer: YOURS was the only relevant reply to the OP’s question. Sorry for not explaining it.
    [only at the first coffee…]

    nice people here. thanks much, i will try to find out with that plugin.
    thanks, manstraw

    That plugin is simply and great!
    Simply great!

    yep, I use it a lot. glad you’re sorted.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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