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    Hi imath,

    First congratulations and thanks for this great plugin, as well as for your great overall contribution to BuddyPress!

    I need to allow a given group of members (actually not necessarily BP Group members) the possibility to schedule some meetings, for which all the “What” items are already fixed by the context (the Title, Venue, Type, Description, Duration, Access).

    Then I would like to give them access to the “When” tab only, not giving them any possibility to change the items of the “What” nor “Who” tabs.

    Would you have some indications for me to use your code to this end? Any hooks or functions I could call? Your code looks very well written but somehow complex to me, so I am afraid I need some guidance to make it right and ensure compatibility with future versions.

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Hello,

    Is there any chance I could get some tips to answer my question? If no, could you please just tell me? I can understand this plugin is no longer your priority, it would greatly help to clarify.


    Plugin Author imath



    I must say i don’t like at all the way you are requesting things. i’ll take 2 examples from this thread and another one:

    I can understand this plugin is no longer your priority

    iMath seems to have vanished

    I can understand you are disappointed, but trying to make me feel guilty because i can’t find the time to bring the quality of support you’re expecting is definitively not the good strategy.

    So you need something that is very specific, i’m unsure to understand and i doubt a lot could use and you are asking it to a free plugin?

    I’m sorry, but my reply is no.


    You really got me wrong: I was asking (some tips, indications…), not requesting. And very politely, read my threads again. My apologies if I have hurt you. I should have written in French, it would have been more subtle 😉

    And yes, I’m disappointed that you didn’t answer to questions about your great plugin. I tried myself to contribute, as you saw.

    Regarding my question, sorry that it was not clear. My English again. Your choice is to release your plugin as free, but tell me if by chance you would consider making specific developments for a fee.

    No offense to you I hope !

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