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  • Hi friends , i am facing issue of “ website loading or performing slow”.
    Although i checked many times to find out what is the issue behind?.. Also my homepage is very well optimized & developed.

    I tried to focus on either:

    -Files size memory requirements have meet,
    -code is clean or not,
    -checked reducing http requests,
    -installed required cache that was large enough
    -Tested overall settings.

    I hear there is a wordpress scout plugin that can small the images size while having the quality, but am not so sure as am using plugins right ?

    How can i fix this problem :(… please help , would much appreciated ..

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  • Hello luanndelre,

    To diagnose if there is a problem with your plugins and theme deactivate all your plugins and switch to a standard theme (e.g. Twenty Sixteen), then check how long the site take to load. If it’s still slow, you need to be talking to your host (maybe finding a new one). Otherwise, you need to start switching things back one-at-a-time to see what’s the big cause. Once all the plugins are running again try P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) plugin to see what is causing the long load time.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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