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    If your site is broken from the hustle update. Deactivate and Delete the plugin entirely

    Reinstall your wordpress under updates and it will clear out your database.

    It appears Hustle added something to wordpress that didn’t delete even after you deactivate and delete the plugin. It caused my site to display a popup that was not even enabled anymore (let alone it didn’t even display correctly). Deleted all cache, deactivated all plugins, etc….the only fix was the above.

    Will not resinstall hustle until I see true clarification that this is tested and fixed. I just wasted 90 minutes on this. Hope it helps

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  • Truly sorry for the trouble Hustle caused with your setup. I am passing this information along to the lead developers to make sure the issue is checked and fixed. Again, I apologize for the time it took to uninstall.

    Hey @mkrestaurants,

    So far we haven’t been able to replicate the issue you experienced. I know you don’t want to bother with this again until you know it’s fixed but just hoping I could ask for some information about your environment, that might help us replicate it.

    Could you provide:

    1. a list of the plugins you have active(or screenshot)
    2. Name of the theme you’re using
    3. PHP version your server uses
    4. Web host name

    That information would be very helpful!

    It caused my site to display a popup that was not even enabled anymore (let alone it didn’t even display correctly)

    When you say that it didn’t display correctly, did it just not look right? ie. styling wasn’t the same as before.

    Apologies again for the inconvenience this has caused you. Look forward to hearing back!


    @jdailey….it happens, I understand, I hope you guys make a ton of money with your plugin someday. I just also hope your team has more thorough testing before rolling out future updates now. It’s also made me remember the hard way to backup more often before updating.


    Jetpack, t3 cache (deactivated though), akismet, all in one scheme rich snippets, managewp worker, simple wp sitemap, sucuri security, wp smush, yoast, autoptimize (I have a feeling autoptimize played some role somehow)

    nexus themes

    Using phone so have to check on php when back at computer

    Bluehost wordpress

    …yes, styling was now being treated like it was a “post/page” rather than a pop-up. It was trying to fill the entire screen instead of the simple rectangle. It also had all the “share” options that were never there before (again, similar to a post/page).

    Hope that helps

    Hey @mkrestaurants, thanks for all the detail. We’ve been trying to replicate this, we used a Bluehost environment with all the same plugins you mentioned above(besides premium ones we didn’t have access to like ManageWP worker and your theme).

    So it either is a conflict with that plugin/theme, settings related, or PHP version.

    If you can create a dev/sandbox version of your site or don’t mind us checking it out on your live site then we can troubleshoot further to figure out exactly what happened 🙂

    Again, I know you mentioned you didn’t want to use it again until it’s fixed, but being able to see the issue first hand would definitely help with that. If you don’t mind then contact me via our contact form:

    Make the subject line “Attn: Tyler Postle“. That will ensure it gets assigned to me 🙂

    Look forward to hearing back and hope you have a great rest of your day.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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