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  • I added the twitter to my hompage and it threw off some of the other text. It actully moved it down some covering up another area. How do I move the text altogether? Or adjust margin or whatever to stop the overlapping.

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  • @msheffield

    Any chance of posting a link to the site so we can help find a solution?



    The issue your having is that the container (.slider-info) essentially isn’t long enough to make it longer would mean nudging down all of the content, what you maybe better doing is either applying the property overflow:hidden to the container .slider-info, which will essentially mean the twitter tag doesn’t overflow.

    What it would result in is part of the Twitter widget being cut off.

    As a workaround I’d suggest either reducing the tweet count to display less and then applying the following css to nudge the Twitter widget upwards to reduce the large amount of white space.

    #twtr-widget-1 {margin-top: -50px;}

    The last option would be to find a php script for displaying tweets, these will give you far more control over styling, the following is a script i found after a quick Google.

    Hope this helps you out.


    Where do I enter this #twtr-widget-1 {margin-top: -50px;}

    If you look back at my site I changed the size of the twitter box but it still needs to be moved up. How do I do that?? THanks!!

    If I give you my log in info can you please change this for me?? PLEASE!! This is like the only thing that I cant seem to get!!

    @msheffield probably not a good idea if I edit it as I don’t want to break anything 😀

    You’ll need to make the chances within the style.css file which is located in the root of your theme folder.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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