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  • In case anyone else was trying to get HTML editing to work, and ran into the problem of the HTML output being rewritten, I figured out a way of removing all HTML post-processing:

    1. Edit the file wp-includes/post-template.php

    2. Comment out the two lines below:

    function the_content($more_link_text = ‘(more…)’, $stripteaser = 0, $more_file = ”) {
    $content = get_the_content($more_link_text, $stripteaser, $more_file);
    # $content = apply_filters(‘the_content’, $content);
    # $content = str_replace(‘]]>’, ‘]]>’, $content);
    echo $content;

    Maybe this has been posted before on the forum, but I spent hours searching and couldn’t find it. Before I made this hack any HTML I entered into the HTML editor had line breaks inserted in the middle of everything.

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