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  • Have just completed a W3C valadation check and found that I have heaps of valadation errors. Most of these I think are due to my host provider Jsuthost converting html to PHP. (maybe) So can anyone tell me how I fix up my valadation errors, what is the starting point.
    When using Google Chrome for example the wprdpress blog page will not fully load up .
    There must be a way to fix all the errors ?? maybe??

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  • If there are common errors to many posts, you could simply use phpMyAdmin to resolve those errors. The W3C check has an option to show you the HTML tidy output, try that for starters

    id go 1 error at a time, usually solving one validation error solves many.

    Yes, just start at the top of the W3C error list and work your way down. Errors in one place can trigger lots of other errors later in the page so you may not have the number of problems you think you have.

    Hi Guys, I arrive at the W3C validation report. I am a bit thick. How do i fix them up.
    This is listed below but has it fixed up any errors as when i run the validation report again i still get heaps or errors.

    Cleaned-up Source Listing with “HTML-Tidy”
    Below is the cleaned up markup for your document, as processed through HTML-Tidy.
    HTML-Tidy is a third-party software not developed at W3C, and its output is provided without any guarantee.
    What does all this mean. I keep getting emails from other bloggers stating that my blog pages do not load up correctly.

    Any help offered will be greatly appreciated.

    Dean, what sort of errors are you getting ? The WP posts (I’m assuming you are using wordpress) have your blog content (the posts), plus the WP code wrapped around it.

    There is little you can do about the WP (HTML) code, but for the other HTML code, you can change it of course. Just go to dashboard, edit the post, make the changes as per W3C/html-tidy, and see what it looks like after another W3C validation.

    BUT, ..backup your database before hand. 🙂

    Hi pete_398, Sorry Pete I’m not really sure I follow. When I enter the W3C validation website I enter my website name and get heaps of errors.
    But from that point onward I do not know what the next step is. On the W3C site it list all the error and types of errors. This is great but even though I see them listed on the page I do not know what step #2 is.
    My website is a wordpress blog.

    You mentioned that I go to the dashboard in my blog but how do I locate the changes in the dashboard that are identified by the W3C validation website. When I find out how to fix these changes I will do a video and post it as there must be a lot of people seeking to correct errors of validation on blogs. Surely this would help ranking also??
    pete-398 if you can help I will forever be eternal.


    allblacks900 – you just need to fix the html errors up at the ‘source’, simply meaning edit a post or a page appropriately.

    Hi everyone , another newbie here . I have the same problem like allblacks900 . When I run W3C validation lets say of my home page I get bunch of html errors but where or what exactly should I fix ?
    On my server I have files like index.php , functions.php , header.php etc .

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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