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  • I just had a custom wp website created and am still learning a few things. Just the other day I went onto one of our product pages and a couple of the bullets were running together (it wasn’t like this before). I have my theme set and all other pages look fine but no matter what I try 2 of the bullets on this page merge with the one right above it.

    Here’s the page link (scroll to the bottom section):

    This is the coding I have on it right now:

    <li>Lower operating costs</li>
    <li>Precise process control</li>
    <li>Enhanced energy savings</li>
    <li>Increased production efficiency</li>
    <li>Exceptional reliability</li>
    <li>Intuitive HMI</li>

    What can I do to fix this? Please keep in mind I am fairly new to this. Thank you for your help.

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  • You have the <ul> and <li> tags both float: left;, and the width of the <ul> is wide enough that 2 of the <li> tags can both fit in one line.

    You can correct this by adding the CSS below:

    .entry-content ul,
    .entry-content ul li {
       float: none;

    If your theme does not have a place to enter custom CSS, I suggest either creating a child theme and adding it to the end of the child’s style.css, or installing a custom CSS plugin such as Simple Custom CSS.

    Once you have made the CSS change, you will need to remove some or all of the <br> tags before the text that follows the list.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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