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    For almost a year we have been experiencing the same issue in receiving an email notification whenever someone comments in our blogs. Some of us had no problem in receiving the moderated comment email notification, but when that visitor comments again, we will have no idea because no email has been sent. I WILL TELL YOU WHY….

    WordPress doesn’t bring over your admin email address during the installation. Here is how to fix the issue:

    If you login into the admin area of your wordpress, look at the top right hand corner and you will see “Howdy, chanel!” (or whatever your name is). You need to click your name to access “Your Profile”. Look for the area that says “Contact Info”. What does it say in the E-mail field? I bet it has the email handle but not the “”. In my case, it only said “kissables” and not “”. You will need to fill this entry again with your email address and then hit “Update Profile”. Test your comments and viola…you will have an email notification of that comment.

    This is a WORDPRESS glitch. Not a user glitch, not a “Who’s your website hosted by?” glitch, not a Yahoo glitch, not a “well maybe you did something wrong & messed up your codes” glitch. Somehow during the wordpress installation, the database was created without putting ALL of your information in there as directed.

    Hopefully this is the actual solution to this ongoing grief and frustration. WordPress users, please let me know if this worked for you?

    Signed, Chanel from

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  • Hey I just was looking for an answer on this, I tried your solution, it did not work for me.
    I’ve tried everything. But still when someone leaves a comment, I do not get an e-mail letting me know. I have to check manually everyday.
    Kind of seems pointless to have a blog, and not be able to interact with users when they comment.



    I input the correct email addy, but my notifications seem to be delayed by several days. I’d like to receive them as they are posted. The date and time is in the admin –> settings –> general are correct, I just double checked them. Is there a built in delay to sending out the notification? If so, where would I edit this?




    I just double checked them. Is there a built in delay to sending out the notification?

    no there isnt and the OP is wrong.

    wordpress puts whatever email you provide during the install into the setting in your profile. If she didnt have the right email in there, then she didnt provide the right email during the install.

    If you are seeing a delay in emails, I suspect its due to something other than wordpress.

    How long does it take a person that registers on your blog to get the email with their passwd? Have you checked that?

    I don’t have any blogs that require registration, so that doesn’t apply. I will double check the settings again. I was leaning towards it being a server/host thing, but I really don’t think that’s the case either because I don’t experience other email troubles.

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