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  1. dropshiponebay
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Im new to this so all I really know about 404 erros is a page that cant be found.

    All of a sudden I started getting almost 300 404 errors. I went back to the date that it happened and uninstalled any plug in a put at that time and that did not help. I assume somewhere i checked something wrong but no idea where to start with that

    The crawl errors how up like this on google

    Not found


    (obviously adding this weird suffix at the end of the correct url that is


    I have all in one seo installed and if you need to know settings or something let me know. But perhaps someone that knows what they are doing can point me in the right directions

  2. Serge
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Couldn't see anything on a first fast look on the source of the page, but I think there is an <a href=" starting somewhere and is not continuing (<a href="somelink.com">) or ending properly, in </a>.

    And I think you should get rid of the commented
    <!--<a href="#"><img src="somelink/logo.gif" alt="home" /></a> -->

    Save that locally, on your PC, it doesn't do you any good on the template.

    And then there are these:

    </script> in the source of your main page which, Mozilla Firefox tells me, is a "stray end tag 'script'". It think it's a closing tag for something you haven't open (you're missing the <script> - without the trailing slash)

    two ending div tags (</div>)appear to be in the wrong place

    Your hostgator banner:
    <strong><a href="<a href="</strong>somelink"><img src="somelink/125x125.gif" alt='some text'</a>
    Please notice the double <a href="

    The "RSS - Posts" link:
    Firefox tells me: "An 'a' start tag seen but an element of the same type was lready open" and then "End tag 'a' violates nesting rules".

    Before your start digging on what all these mean make sure you respect starting and ending tags, this is where your problem comes from.

  3. Serge
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Edit :

    Your hostgator banner:

    <a href="<a href="somelink"><img src="somelink/125x125.gif" alt='some text'</a>
    Please notice the double <a href="

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