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  • Hi,

    I am new to this forum so I hope that this is the right place to ask this. I have a website and have been working on it for over a year trying to figure out how to get this website up and running but can’t figure out how to do so. I am needing help from professionals on how to help me with building this website.

    The website is on WordPress and I am currently using Elegant Themes (Boutique) and eshop. I am not a fan of the theme so that will have to change, that being said, eshop will also disappear.

    Here is what I am currently needing to know how to do on my website:

    * Install shopping cart (I’m needing a shopping cart that can do everything with including taking percentages off orders, coupon codes, etc)

    * Install PayPal (customers will pay through PayPal)

    * Order online (The website needs to be setup to where my customers can order online through the website. I’m also needing to install “cancelled order”, “checkout”, “thank you for your order”, etc)

    * Slogan under logo (I have a slogan that needs to be put under the logo on the website)

    * Adding pictures (I’ve tried to add pictures of the sizes recommended but the pictures added are still very large and if I try to “save changes”, it doesn’t save changes or make any difference to the photos added)

    * Picture slideshow (The theme I am currently using has a slideshow installed into the website, is there anyway to remove this slideshow?)

    * Pricing (How do I add the price of the specific item on the specific item’s page?)

    * Description (How can I add a description of the specific product if the theme that is currently being used squishes it all into one sentence? The ingredients of the products are squished in with the description of the product. It won’t allow me to change)

    * Product pages (The specific page for the products is very bland and also includes two pictures of the same picture. How do I change the products page and delete the second photo?)

    * Testimonial gallery (I am wanting my customers to leave a photo and testimonial of the products on the website on the “Testimonials” page. How do I make a photo gallery with written testimonials? How do I monitor added testimonials? I want to review them before posted)

    * Pages for products (How do I make separate pages for separate products? I have a “products” page which someone else made for me but I am wanting to have treats under “treats”, shampoos under “shampoos”, foods under “foods”, etc).

    * If you search the name of the website, the name “Uncategorized” appears as the website’s name when it’s not and under the name of the website, it says “A description for this result is not available because of the site’s robots.txt – learn more”. I have no idea what this means and I read what was said on the “learn more” webpage and didn’t understand most of what was said. I have no idea what robots.txt is and would love if when the name was searched that the name of the business would appear and have a description of the website.

    I hope all of this makes sense. If you do not understand what I may be saying, I can link the website if that may help with anything so that you can take a look at it to understand what I am saying and to also look at it if you have any recommendations on what should be done to it.

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  • Sorry, but these forums do not support commercial themes. And in any case, no matter what theme you are using, this is way beyond what can be offered in these forums. These forums are staffed entirely by volunteers and we really can’t do extensive custom work. Specific questions about WP core, plugins or themes from this site are the intended scope for these forums.

    For specific eshop questions, you can post those questions only on their specific page here:

    For the other custom work you want to do, you could consider hiring someone by posting a job here:

    Or perhaps Elegant Themes can do custom work for a fee for you.

    Thank you for the information WPyogi! So, none of the questions that I asked can be answered here or can each question be asked in a different forum on the Support Forum?

    Unfortunately, these forums don’t support commercial themes.

    Partly that’s because we don’t have access to them for testing and using — and we don’t have access to the code — so we are mostly not familiar with how the theme-specifics are set up. It’s also because support is part of what you pay for and how commercial theme developers make a living.

    If you switch to another theme from the repository on this site, then you’re welcome to come ask questions, though do be aware that extensive custom work may still be beyond what can be done here – i.e. volunteers are here to help you learn, not to do lots of work for you. It’s a fine line and there’s a wide variation depending on who’s around and how busy the forums are. You can always ask when it’s a supported theme, and in general, people here try to be as helpful as they can.

    What theme do you recommend for a business? This website will allow others to order online so it has to be a good theme.

    It really depends on the look and functionality you want – you can use the filter function on this page to narrow things down:

    You’ll also want to make sure the theme works well with whatever ecommerce you are using (are you going to keep eshop?). I think twentytwelve is really nice, as is Responsive or Suffusion. But those are just a couple that I know are really well supported and have lots of theme options built in. They can be easily customized too.

    There are so many great themes to pick from so look around and see what YOU like :).

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