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  • Hello,
    it is possible to find out, at which pages I use certain plugin. For example I have more plugins like Bootstrap shortcodes, Add to head by page,…

    It is possible to find out, where I use these plugins? Where I used some shortcodes for few functionalities… I want to delete some unused plugins due to page speed loading.


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  • The only way I know of would be to disable the plugin you think is not being used and go through each page of your site individually to see if anything broke.

    Hope this helps. Once you find a solution please remember to tag the thread resolved.

    I found only this plugin. –
    But it is only for shorstcodes, but some plugins dont have shortcodes…

    But thanks for your reply 🙂

    How about manually checking the page source for each page to see which plugins are active?

    Or, create a test site and following Davood Denavi’s advice.

    If it was me I’d just start with the first active plugin that I didn’t recognize… I’d look at the details of the plugin then deactivate it if I still didn’t know what it’s for and watch for problems.

    You don’t need to delete it right away… deactivation takes it away from the lineup.

    You don’t need to get in a hurry either. Deactivating one plugin will help. Deactivating the next will help more.

    The one plugin I’d deactivate or change the settings to longer terms would be ‘Broken Link Checker’. But most of my sites really need the broken link checker.

    The next would be any RSS importers but if you rely on those for content then set them to make their runs more conservatively.

    I would not delete anything like Yoast, any backup, firewall, security, or optimization plugins. Those are worth their weight in gold.

    If your site is still slow then look at Pingdom Tools to see what it has to say.

    Lazy Load is something that might be beneficial… maybe not.

    Sometimes it’s a timing issue. Running tasks via WordPress’ psuedo cron during peak periods might not be the best idea. Look at running Cron via your server after the peak traffic dies down.

    Next is a CDN or a proxy service. I use an actual CDN and also CloudFlare.

    Sometimes you’ll need to buy more horsepower! Ask your host about upgrade paths and pricing. ‘Turning the Crank Handle Faster’ is often necessary. Nothing beats horsepower.

    Sometimes your neighbors on your ‘server’ might be running a lot of tasks, high traffic, or the server itself can dog down. Don’t be afraid to change servers. I stay with the same provider but often move sites around. When a server account hits three years old I often slate that for moving.

    I know this is more than you asked but it’s food for thought.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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