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    I installed WordPress through Fantastico on my host server; now I want to create a link on my website to the WordPress blog, but I don’t know what the WordPress URL is. I installed it to my main folder so the HTML of the link would read something like this:

    a href=””

    But I’m not sure that this is correct. I am having trouble communicating with my website host because they are in a foreign country: Montreal, Canada, and French is their native language. I asked them this question, and they have responded that they do not understand my question. Is there some way that I can find out the URL on my own? Seems like this should be possible.

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  • If you installed WordPress in your web-root folder (probably public_html) then would be the URL but if you installed WordPress in the public_html/blog folder the link would be

    I installed WordPress in the main folder (public_html). I must be missing something. Let me explain: I have a website with short essays that I have written. I would like to have a link on the home page of my website to a blog (page) so that visitors can click on the blog link and go to a blog (page) so that they can leave comments about my essays. The way that you explain it, my website will no longer come up when someone logs on to my website; what will come up, however, is the WordPress blog (page). But my website will no longer appear, and there will be nothing to blog about.

    I am using Dreamweaver CS4, by the way. I have a home page with links on the home page linking to various essays. I would like to add another link (to the front of the navigation bar) that says blog (or perhaps, “leave a comment”

    I hope this clarifies the situation. Now, can you help me?

    Hmmm… I presume two things… one of which you did not not explicitly state, but seemingly (to me) inferred by your posts:

    A) your pre-existing web site is already located in your public_html directory

    B) you installed wordpress there as well

    If not… pay no attention to me at all! 🙂

    I installed it to my main folder so the HTML of the link would read something like this: a href=””

    I believe the answer you want to hear, is That’s how WordPress is served.

    I can’t speak for MichaelH, but in reading his answer, ( and being aware of the issues that can arise from attempting to serve the files of two different web sites from the same directory ) I thought the answer quite concise.

    Your web site should probably exist at root – – and your wordpress site might need to be located in a subdirectory – – for the two sites to play nice with each other consistently. One linking back to the other, of course, but very easy to do.

    Anyhow, try it with and see if that brings up WordPress for you. Give your menu links a try if it does, and from there, the learning curve should take off quite quickly.

    Good luck to you!

    Damn. Sorry about that! I forgot to break those links. I know they’re bogus, but it looks like hell!


    Michael H was correct: what I did wrong was to install WordPress in my main directory instead of into a subdirectory. I have now re-installed it in a sub-directory (blog), and this aspect of my website and blog is now functioning well. Thank you, Clayton James for your input: it helped me to realize that I had to install WordPress in a sub-directory.

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