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    Found this at the bottom of source code of pages
    <!– Gator Cached page on [2016-11-29 13:32:01] –>
    <!– Served by Advanced Cache –>
    Is it?
    But why this is not showing at the homepage?

    That’s right. With me the same. When I take a look at the content of the directories /gator_cache and /gator_cache_oc, both of them are empty.
    I use Query Monitor, but the values don’t change at all. Refreshing of pages, home page, search, whatever I do, it stays the same or worse, it becomes even slower.

    So how do I know if the cache is working? I think it doesn’t work at all in my opinion.

    But what is very strange, is the number of queries to the database, which goes down after multiple uses of a page or post.
    Normally, the home page takes 75 queries and 1.71 seconds to load.
    Now with this plugin, it takes 18 queries and 3.45 seconds to load. Yes,the site is now dramatically slower, but it takes much less database queries to the database to load.
    The directories stay empty.

    When I tried to update the virtual hosts config file, the server crashed with an error number 500 Server error. When I removed the code, guess what I saw in the cache directories? Right, .htaccess. And that was all.

    I found out what the caused the DB queries decrease. I also use the Next Level Cache.
    I will try to deactivate this plugin and try again.

    Sorry, after I active your component, the page load goes from 1.71 second to 2.52 seconds and the directories are and stay empty (except that old .htaccess file from before. I remove the component and try something else.

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    @wimvincken Didn’t understand why you post it here!

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    To see if your pages are being served with the cache, it’s quite simple.

    1) Make sure “Show debug information” is checked in your settings under the Debug tab.

    2) View the source of your page and there should be comments at the bottom. If it says “served by advanced cache” it is working.

    If it’s not caching the home page, there could be something adding the DO NOT CACHE constant for some reason, or a plugin that’s buffering something else there. Is there any type of special content, galleries, sliders etc on your home page? I have not ran into this yet, but it is possible another plugin could be breaking the page buffer.

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    Showing now.
    Now I’m confirm that this plugin is behind magical fast loading of my site.
    Thanks for this plugin.

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