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    One Bot in particular is a problem, it’s nickname is just Robot ? I’d like to just IP Ban for now (knowing it’s IP may change). How do we find the IP’s of the Bad Bots?

    Also, does BBB plugin consume CPU when blocking a lot of bots? My CPU usage has gone up, and although I like how this plugin beats these bots, could there be a less intensive way of doing it?

    My last question is, could we have a button that resets the stats back to 0 rather than have to do it with PHPmyadmin? Or some kind of indicator whether bots have stopped/slowed down etc by their daily visits?

    Great plugin!

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    Hey Audiomonk,


    You have options to add new IPs and also new robots string.
    To find Ips of your’s visitors, you need to check your log files. Ask about that to your hosting provider. You will find there also the user agents.

    When our plugin block bots you save CPU and bandwidth and improve security.

    To reset statistics, check our FAQ page (How to reset all statistics without deinstall the plugin ?)

    To check the daily bot’s visits, go to your dashboard page.


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    Hi Bill,

    I was hoping there was a way within BBB to see their IP’s, or maybe in the future? Saves digging around in the log files. I did check the logs and I can’t see one that just shows “Robot”. I can find the others like Yandex etc.

    Also, I know I can reset via going in and emptying database tables, but wouldn’t it be so much easier just to have a button to do that inside of BBB ? Just a thought again.

    Thanks for your help.

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    You can enable email notifications to receive emails about your blocked visits and they have the IP address. Keep one eye on because probably you will receive a lot of emails.

    We are testing one version with a log of visits. At this moment, for example, you need to go to your cPanel and look. Ask for help from your hosting provider.

    Yes, create one option to clear statistics is a good idea. I will work that for the nexts versions.


    Hello, My question is same.
    More info about ROBOT nickname?
    http://stopbadbots.com/bots-table/r This is Slackbot nickname/keyword on your page. But slack robot’s user agent is different

    Slackbot-LinkExpanding 1.0 (+https://api.slack.com/robots)


    Or does the word ROBOT match for multiple bots?

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 10 months ago by john brown.
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    Hey John,

    The search by string blocks any bot name matching with that string.
    Enable email notifications and keep an eye on the robot’s table and you will find what happens.


    Thanks for the quick response. It was very good point to inform me about it.

    Your plugin is great, but I have a few suggestions for you.

    for example:
    * Adding automatic robot.txt disallow entry for specified bot.
    * Bot hits count reset feature.
    * Low memory usage.
    * Site response times before & after with SBB
    * Maybe, protecting page google invisible captcha
    * Less advertising and recommendations in admin area.
    * etc.

    My Blocked Bots in top…

    I use your plugin more than 10 websites and it works perfectly.
    In a short time hundreds of thousands of bad visitors/bots were blocked!

    Thanks millions for this nice plugin.

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    Hey John,

    If you have a couple of minutes, please, leave us a good review – 5 stars.

    I take note of yours suggestions.


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