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    [ Moderated, that was a misleading topic title. ]

    To give some background, our current website is in the financial sector. Essentially, we track trading statistics for each of our users. We do this by referring traders to brokers which we are partnered with – this is how we gain access to their trading data and also how we make money. Unfortunately, I can’t share the site now as it’s undergoing reno.

    The webiste is written from scratch in PHP leveraging a lot of MySQL tables. Luckily, I used a lot of the WordPress-style theme files in writing my own PHP code (header, footer, sidebar, etc.), so most of the structural conversion should be pretty straight forward. I’ll also move the content into Posts with lots of custom fields (will probably use custom post types). Don’t see any huge issues here.

    There are 2 areas that I have questions about:

    1) Conversion of users in WP users – We have our users stored in a MySQL table. Their login credentials are checked against this table, and once they’re logged in they can see all their own trading data. How would I go about converting them to WP users?

    2) Our custom trading data tool (which displays to each of our users) has a customized php-built front end, and retrieves data from 6-7 MySQL tables. The php front-end I think can be put into a plug-in (not too sure?). As for the MySQL tables – do I just manually recreate them under the default database created by WordPress, and import all the data over?

    Just looking for a little direction, guidance, best practice, anything regarding the 2 question areas above.

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    Place your site live, maybe as a test site and post URL here. Then only someone can have a look at it and tell you what you need to do.



    Thanks for your reply. There are actually some business reasons the site cannot be posted as well. But I can do my best to explain.

    1) Regarding our site users – this is pretty straightforward. I’m holding users in a MySQL table. New users that sign up are inputted into this table, and when existing users log in their credentials are checked against this table. My question is what’s the easiest way to translate these users into WP users?

    2) Regarding the trading data tool – To simplify things, let’s say we have a day table, month table, and year table. Each row in the tables is specific to a user. Each table has columns that holds trading data for the user for that day/month/year. It is displayed on the front end simply as 3 tables (named day, month, and year). We do PHP queries into our MySQL database to retrieve the relevant rows for the user that’s logged in.

    Since I know WP installs its own database for you by default – I was wondering the best way for our custom tables to work with WordPress’s tables. Do I just create another Database for the custom tables and leave WordPress database alone? Or just add the tables into the WordPress database? Just wondering what the best practices here are…

    Thanks so much!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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