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  • Hello,

    I am new to WordPress but I think I understand how things work quite quickly.

    At the moment I set up WordPress at where you can see that I only use one category (I will hide the category-listing later) but instead you can filter the posts by the author, which should be pretty much the same and I did this with the function ‘wp_list_authors()’.This has the advantage, that all posts are mixed together at the mainpage.

    I understand that static pages are not assigned to a spcific category, but they are assigned to an author.

    My goal is to let each author have his own set of pages. I don’t want to list any pages in the sidebar of the mainpage, instead I want to list the pages in the sidebar after the user clicked on an author in the sidebar.

    In the sidebar which is then loaded together with the author.php I want to list all pages written by this specific author. Unfortunately wp_list_pages() doesn’t allow me to filter the output by a specific author.

    I am sure this can be done with quite complex SQL-queries, but my question is:

    What is the easiest way to get a list of static pages written by a specific author?

    Thanks in advance!

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