How to fill in field in WP install using Softaculous (4 posts)

  1. jamiebillingham
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I know this may be a no brainer to some but I really don't understand how directories work so am really struggling with this.

    I am helping my son in law get his WP site up and running. I have a few WP sites but have never used Softaculous to install and have always done well just leaving the defaults in place when installing. This time I ran into a problem.

    Instead of his URL being hisname.com it comes up as hisname.com/wp

    As much as I love WP I'd like his domain to just be his domain without the /wp

    I think the problem occurred because when I did the install I left the defaults and should have changed one.

    Under Software setup it says:

    In Directory
    The directory is relative to your domain and should not exist. e.g. To install at http://mydomain/dir/ just type dir. To install only in http://mydomain/ leave this empty.

    The field beside this was already populated with "wp" though. I left it as it was and am now thinking I should have deleted the wp.

    I can delete the installation and start from scratch but need to know what to put in that field before I mess something else up.

  2. softaculous
    Posted 4 years ago #


    Juts make the directory field empty and it will install WordPress at :

  3. dailydose
    Posted 3 years ago #

    would this work if I want'd to install SMF forum too?? (Simple Machines Forum) I just cant seem to figure out if I should leave it blank? in order for it to intall with my wordpress on a page. not my Homepage where my wordpress blog is. or just leave the smf in it??? prob a no brainer to some also, but not to me! anyone help on this one Thank you in advance :)

  4. dailydose
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I've managed to resolve this issue. if anyone else needs to know, type in forum and take delete the smf.
    As this is the Page name of your forum.

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