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    I have a template file that I want to extract the first two paragraphs from the the post’s content in order to display them in a very specific way (side-by side columns, and i need to apply some specific styles & classes to the first paragraph).

    I’ve tried to write a code that would explode my get_the_content on the line-breaks and then every item in my array should be a paragraph. I can break my content into separate paragraphs, but there line-break values stored in my array between paragraphs (presumably marking the line-breaks). I can code a check that would get the first and second paragraph that are not these ‘line-break’ values, but i don’t know what these values are in order to compare them.

    Maybe my logic isn’t the best – does someone know how to complete what i’m trying to complete? Basically be able to extract the nth paragraph in my post content.

    In case, here is my code:

    //$offset : the nth paragraph i want to extract
    $content = get_the_content();
    	$content = explode("\r", $content);
    $j = 0;
    for($i = 0; $i < sizeof($content) && $i <= $offset; $i++){
    echo $content[$j];
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    Wow … And what you do not like the function the_excerpt () and enter text in the quote *?

    I’m using the_excerpt for another function – and I don’t want to assume the client will copy over the exact same content into the excerpt while I’m quite literally extracting from the post’s content.

    I’ve worked it out… WordPress’ linebreaks can be detected using ‘\n\r\n’. This makes for a clean segmentation of the paragraphs using get_the_content (if not filtered using ‘the_content’).

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