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  • Hi, I have a blog where I post images and text. At a certain height the page cuts off and automatically turns into another page with a next page button. I’d like there to be one long page with all my posts, and no next page button.

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  • An easy option would be to go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading -> Blog pages show at most and select a large enough number.

    Another easy option is to look for a plugin for this.

    A third, more advanced option is to use posts_per_page=-1 with query_posts in your theme’s index.php.

    This is a very crude solution, limiting the number of postings. I mean, some postings are long and some are very short. I could put just five postings on the page and have a gap and on the next page, put three posting and float off the page.
    Isn’t there a way of making the page fit the text and not try to do it the other way around?! Or, failing that, have each page a (potentially) different length?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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