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  • Hi,

    I need to recreated my blog in another account and because of an infection issue (which appears to have been resolved), it was suggested to me that as a precaution I transfer my blog and reestablish it in another hosting account.

    As well I was told to just export the post and pages files and not the whole database (in case there are remnants of the infection there)

    For now I have been transferring the data to a test blog.

    I have many images. When I export the posts and pages files the images show because they are in the media library of the old version of the blog.

    However I realize that when I will delete the old version of my blog I will not have access to the images in the media library and all my images will be lost in my new blog

    Is there any way I can transfer or copy the images to my new blog in one go?

    Hope someone can help.


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