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  • Hiya, I did some searches and found some related hits, but nothing yet on what I’m directly looking for: I’d like to learn how to export a WordPress blog into a number of smaller files instead of one big one.

    Also, if I could sort them by month, that’d be great. I had a look through the XML file and it looks like if necessary, I can split it manually, but it also appears very time-consuming, so I thought I’d ask for a better way first.

    Any insights appreciated, thanks!

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  • Gotta admit that I save a copy first and then just edit the file with an editor like ultraedit. Each post with it’s comments are contained with item tags. I just edit out the ones I don’t want included.

    Thanks drmike, I keep running into this error despite the max. file upload size being far more than the file itself…

    Sorry, there has been an error.

    File is empty. Please upload something more substantial.

    Argh, ’tis frustrating.

    Torley, where are you upping your file upload size? are you uploading it in your php.ini, or .httaccess file.

    I ran into the same problem, I was upping my php.ini file through the roof and getting that same error.

    I had to up the limit in my .htaccess file.

    try adding this line php_value memory_limit 256M. I lowered it down to 36M after the import but that’s where I had to put it for the import.

    @jamespoling: I didn’t up the file upload myself, it was done by a kindly server admin at the webhosting company I’ve got a WordPress setup on. Hmmm… I’ll pass that info on. Thankyou!

    I’m having trouble on this issue with both WordPress 2.3 and WordPress 2.5 now. I tried the htaccess trick but my upload limit is still 2MB; I have a 2.7MB file I’m trying to transfer from one domain to another. Any help? Is this some kind of limit set by the host, or is there anther file in WordPress that’s setting this limit?

    @ jamespoling / anyone who can help

    I tried adding ‘php_value memory_limit 256M’ to my .htaccess file, but after I did, my whole blog would get a ‘500 Internal Server Error’

    What can be wrong?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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