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  • The easiest way is to use CSS.

    First off, find the page ID by hitting F12 in Firefox or Chrome to bring up the Developer Tools. The HTML will look something like this:

    <body class="page page-id-#### ...

    (where #### is a number).

    Now go to Appearance / Editor. Check it’s opened your Stylesheet — typically called “style.css” — scroll to the bottom and add this:

    .page-id-#### .social-sharing
    { display:none; }

    Click the Update File button at the bottom, go back and refresh your page. The social sharing buttons should be gone!

    You can add multiple page-ids to this piece of CSS, but remember to comma-separate them, like this:

    .page-id-#### .social-sharing,
    .page-id-#### .social-sharing,
    .page-id-#### .social-sharing
    { display:none; }

    Hi Geoff

    Thanks for responding!

    I did exactly what you advised (see below), but unfortunately without results.

    Have you checked it yourself? (just to be sure..)

    Thank you, kind regards,

    This is what I put:

    .page-id-1769 .social-sharing,
    .page-id-1732 .social-sharing,
    .page-id-1624 .social-sharing
    { display:none; }

    Hi Pieter,

    Hmms, that looks all right to me. Have you cleared the browser’s cache? Is your site using a cache — something like WP Super Cache? Is so, either clear it or deactivate it while you’re testing.

    For reference, here’s the exact code I’m using on one of my own sites:

    .page-id-1480 .social-sharing,
    .page-id-1481 .social-sharing,
    .page-id-1522 .social-sharing
    { display:none; }


    Hi Geoff

    Yes, I also thought this should work, but it did not :/

    I don’t have any cache-plugins installed but I de-activated some other to check but nothing..

    I also tried following but without success.

    .page-id-1769 .social-sharing {
    display:none !important;

    The page-ID’s are the same as the post ID’s correct?
    “body class=”single single-post postid-1769”

    Just to be sure 😉


    Just found the solution. Somehow it doesn’t work in CSS so I tried copying this in the page body of the post:

    .social-sharing {display:none;}

    And this works, so great!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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