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  • ManueBresson



    I have read threads about how to exclude dynamic IPs from Google Analytics but it’s not clear. The only helpful thread I found is the following one: topic but I am stuck on step 5 of the second part of the process (i do not see in GA “apply filter to website profiles”). For the sexy part (as its author calls it), that is the third part of the process, i am not even able to perform step one (“in the location field of your browser, set the path to your HTML file, domain > sub directory > file name”).

    I want to mention few things:
    We are 2 administrators on my blog and in GA for this blog. I have installed the plug in “Google Analytics for Word Press” and selected, in the advanced options, “administrator” in the ignore users’ field. does this plug in exclude then both administrators, only if they are logged in the WP dashboard of the blog?

    I understand both administrators have to put a cookie in their computers to de identified and excluded in the stats of the blog. Can someone explain it in details the process to do it, i am not so much geek.

    Thank you very much for your help.



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