How to exactly copy a post and image from one installation to another? (2 posts)

  1. spraybottle
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I have spent over 18 hours trying to find a way to copy complete, all-inclusive versions of a few posts from a blog I own on one domain to a blog I own on another domain. It seems impossible!!

    I want to include:

    • Text
    • Tags
    • Image
    • Image Title
    • Image Caption
    • Image ALT text
    • Featured Image (thumbnail on home page blurb)

    DETAILS: I created a blog with about 280 posts, each with one image in the media library (which automatically created two smaller versions as well). Each post has a featured image, which displays a thumbnail on the home page only, in the blurbs that show up there.

    I want to transfer or copy about 5 posts to a different WP installation, on a different domain. Then another 5 or so to yet a different WP installation, on a third domain. And so on until all 280 are done, and placed on the "correct" blog. Many of the blogs/domains are on different servers as well, though I don't think that should matter.

    I tried plugins called Copy Post and Transfer -- neither of which did the trick.

    I tried the Export/Import method, which fails miserably each time. I choose One Category, and it transfers all of them, and it transfers One post, not the 5 in that Category, and it transfers all 2,000 tags, not just the ones associated with those 5 posts in that Category. And the images are not "attached" when I import it, so the media library must be played with laboriously.

    All sites use version 3.01.

    I would love a plugin, but if there is a manual set of steps that work, I will do them all manually. Or if there is a MySQL method, I would be willing to try to learn how to do that. I presume I will have to manually edit the New blog URL in the image link.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

  2. spraybottle
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I should clarify that I mean to transfer a post, not copy it and keep the original. I will be deleting the original blog, but I want to move or transfer posts to several other blogs.

    It really sucks that this is so difficult to do!

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