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  • Hello, I want to center images on my home page which is a post. I am having trouble as, what with having a sidebar widget, I can not seem to center the images to include the sidebar. I also do not want to center the first image, only the one’s below it. I use Twenty Eleven child theme and have search the internet and forums but can not find the answer. Thank you.

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  • You could also use a tool such as Firebug to reveal the unique CSS output for this attachment and align it with CSS…tedious if many, but doable…

    Hi, yes I have used the alignment buttons placing the images either none, center, left, right and all different combinations, but this did not work. I’ll have a look in Firebug and get back. Thank you.

    The title should say center and not enter.

    Hi, I had a look in Firebug and as I have not used it before I am not sure where to look. I’m looking at the code for images, there alignment is where I put it left etc to get all of the images best centered as I could. So, I do not know what changes to make that might help?

    It seems to be the sidebar that’s the problem as when I place images right they only move over to the right slightly, enough to just buff up with the sidebar?

    So just to understand, on your home page, below where there is sidebar content, you want the images to be “centered” in whole page width? That’s no really going to be easy to do – because “center” only means inside the containing element – which is next to the sidebar. The sidebar goes to the bottom of the page whether or not it has content the entire way down the page.

    It’s probably possible to do a bunch of fiddly, custom CSS to do that but it would depend on the size of the images, etc.

    Sounds to me like a sidebar was added to a page template that did not have one and now the CSS is off…when one adds a sidebar one must also usually mess with alot of CSS…a point many do not make when suggesting to add the sidebar…

    Hi again, thank you so much for the info. Yes, you are completely right. I think I will make it a static page instead of a post. I do not intend to always be adding new posts on the website and can then get the images where I want them. Thank you again.

    You are right. It is a post with an added text and image widget.

    Maybe I’ll remove the widgets and play around with the layout a bit more. It will save a lot of messing about. Thank you both for your comments, it’s got me thinking of a way around it. Thanks again.

    Let us know your results and please mark as resolved when so…

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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