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  • ebuali


    I try to enlarge on my footer in order to add an additional information about what provide my site and what the visitors must consider at it,etc…
    But somehow I cant do it through theme editor…I cant find it where is it…I use Cover WP Theme.
    I look at all .css but nothing exactly what I look for…
    could anyone give me some tips for it ?

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  • Michael


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    somehow I cant do it through theme editor…I cant find it where is it…

    try to edit footer.php

    dashboard – appearance – editor: select footer.php from the list on the right – make sure your theme is selected at the top.

    I assume you want the area with the copyright info to be higher?

    For tha you must edit style.css.

    Look for the following info:

    #copyright {
    height: 28px;

    You can then replace the height by a bigger number.

    In order for your footer to look good, you will have to remove the line that says:

    You can then add some info next to the copyright by editing the footer.php file as alchymyth suggested.

    Hope that helps.



    Thanks alchmyth,that’s I know. Jeremy,I thank you too for your help.
    I tried a bigger number instead 28px, but it made nothing. !Could you give me some another tips ?



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    with the given information, you should be able to add additional information to the footer.

    what is the code of footer.php right now (please paste the code into a and post the link to it here – see ),
    and what do you want to add where?

    it might help if you post a link to your site to illustrate your problem.

    to see changes to the styles immediately, you might need to clear the browser cache.



    Ohh, God ! Thanks a lott Jeremy. All works well. I had to have done empty cache. I did it and i had chance to see what differ with previous. Thank you so much..



    Sorry,alchymyst…My thanks go for you too…
    After I changed font size and height there,I think previous height size couldd be enough well.
    Now,I see that,it could be much better if both sentence have been in the same line. I try to do in .css like that :

    <div id=”copyright”>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Merry and Healthy does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. See additional information</p>
    <p style=”text-align: right;”>Copyright &copy 2011 Merry and Healthy Co. All rights reserved.</p>
    </div><!– /copyright –> “

    Could you tell me please where I do mistake ? Sorry,I’m newbie in html and css… !

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