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  • Not possible. Review DNS.

    It’s truely possible! But the URL setting of wordpress make it work incorrectly.

    Another site of me can work properly with the two URLs.

    WordPress can be accessed through two or more different URL’s, but it will only build it’s menus, permalinks, etc from a single URL. This means that if the site is set up as and you try to access it from every link on the site will show as That’s jsut how it works.

    You say that you have another WordPress site that does this, so if that’s really working, look at what that site is doing and copy it – and then tell the rest of us so that we can do it in the future!

    Sorry for my unclear expression…
    The other site of my is not built with WordPress
    There is no URL setting in the site. I think it’s just URL setting makes the two URLs can’t work.

    they are the screenshots of the site:

    If the other site isn’t built in WordPress the two systems can’t really be compared like-to-like.

    You are sort of correct, becuase it is mainly the URL setting that makes it work with only one URL. But you can only have one URL set at any time, so that’s where the restriction is. If you set up WordPress with two differnt URL’s you can still access the pages through both URL’s, but the links will only be to one isngle URL. You can’t pick and choose which one you want to use. You have to hard-code one. wordpress has always bene set up like this, and even though changing the system to allow multiple URL’s has been floated before, it’s not technically feasable to do it with the codebase the way it currently stands.

    What is the actual reason that you need two different URL’s/IP addresses for this one site anyway?

    If I’m seeing things correctly, in your first screenshot, you appear to be accessing an address reserved for internal networks (probably on port 80).

    In your second screenshot, you appear to be accessing an external address on some unknown port – 8xx8?.

    – private/internal ip – port 80

    – external ip – port 8xx8?

    So… there’s some things that night be helpful for you to factor into your search for information.

    – private/internal ip – port 80

    – external ip – port 8008

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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