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    i’m using a nextGen image gallery, to create a browsable list of images in wordpress 3.9.1. only one shows at a time, with back and next buttons, you see them all. click on the images, and opens a lightbox so see it in full screen; so far so good, and you can see this in I like nextGen because i have an UI for my client to change the gallery

    also, other images in posts are being opened nextGen in a lightbox, and it works well. and of course they are not part of the browsable collection of images

    But once i open the lightbox, to see the next image, i have to close it, go to the gallery, click back or next, and click on the desired image, and finally open in the lightbox again. i’d like to also have back and next buttons in lightbox, so the users can see the other pictures, within the gallery’s scope, without closing the this lightbox

    my configs now are:

    gallery > other options > Lightbox Effects:

    What effect would you like to use?: Thickbox

    What must the lightbox be applied to?: try to apply to all images that link to image files

    Styles > enable Custom CSS: yes

    Gallery Settings > Basic image browser > enable AJAX pagination? yes

    template: none

    i already tried fiddling with those parameters, to no avail. i also tried other plugins, but on those i couldn’t even navigate in the collection at all.

    any help will be appreciated.

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  • Plugin Author photocrati


    @lsaguiar – Are you trying to link a single image directly to the Lightbox Effect for a complete gallery of images?

    You could try the following shortcode structure:
    [ngg_images gallery_ids=1 display_type=photocrati-nextgen_basic_thumbnails disable_pagination=1 images_per_page=1]

    You may need to make other adjustments to some of the options under Gallery > Gallery Settings > NextGEN Basic Thumbnail Gallery such as “Add hidden images” to Yes for example.

    – Cais.

    thanks for the quick answer

    no, i need to embbed a nextgen gallery of images, and navigate in the collection. each one can be opened in a lightbox frame. and this is what i have working so far.

    but i also need to enable back and next buttons in this lightbox, so i can navigate in the in this collection, and not need to close the lightbox to see the other images.

    anyway, as you sugested, i tried with the option “Basic Thumbnail Gallery”, and an get error string like this:

    Warning: getimagesize(D:\www\utopiaacores\site_wp\wp1\wp-content\gallery\design\fastfit-gym-decoração-02.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in D:\www\utopiaacores\site_wp\wp1\wp-content\plugins\nextgen-gallery\products\photocrati_nextgen\modules\nextgen_data\class.gallerystorage_driver_base.php on line 1272 Call Stack #TimeMemoryFunctionLocation 10.0011250816{main}( )..\index.php:0 20.0015254384require( ‘D:\www\utopiaacores\site_wp\wp1\wp-blog-header.php’ )..\index.php:17 31.101131731888require_once( ‘D:\www\utopiaacores\site_wp\wp1\wp-includes\template-loader.php’ )..\wp-blog-header.php:16 41.106331895304include( ‘D:\www\utopiaacores\site_wp\wp1\wp-content\themes\underscores_ls\page.php’ )..\template-loader.php:74 51.214232478968the_content( )..\page.php:70 61.214332480800apply_filters( )..\post-template.php:211 71.224632490168call_user_func_array ( )..\plugin.php:192 81.224632490248M_Attach_To_Post->substitute_placeholder_imgs( )..\plugin.php:192 91.333933482352C_Displayed_Gallery_Renderer->render( )..\module.attach_to_post.php:195 101.333933482768ExtensibleObject->__call( )..\module.attach_to_post.php:195 111.334633486016ExtensibleObject->_exec_cached_method( )..\class.extensibleobject.php:789 121.334633486488ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs( )..\class.extensibleobject.php:1147 131.334633486520Mixin_Displayed_Gallery_Renderer->render( )..\class.extensibleobject.php:1147 141.401533797152C_Display_Type_Controller->index_action( )..\class.displayed_gallery_renderer.php:343 151.401533797568C_Display_Type_Controller->__call( )..\class.displayed_gallery_renderer.php:343 161.401533797696ExtensibleObject->__call( )..\class.display_type_controller.php:36 171.403333800152ExtensibleObject->_exec_cached_method( )..\class.extensibleobject.php:789 181.403333800552ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs( )..\class.extensibleobject.php:1147 191.403333800584A_NextGen_Basic_Thumbnails_Controller->index_action( )..\class.extensibleobject.php:1147 201.689035204416C_Display_Type_Controller->render_view( )..\adapter.nextgen_basic_thumbnails_controller.php:177 211.689035204912C_Display_Type_Controller->__call(

    i noticed i had some illegal characters in the filenames. after a cleanup, the errors are gone (sorry about that). now, i tried using the Basic Thumbnail Gallery, with this settings:

    Override thumbnail settings no
    Images per page 2
    Enable AJAX pagination yes
    Add Hidden Images yes
    Use imagebrowser effect yes
    Show piclens link no
    Show slideshow link no

    i have the same result, as if i’m using a Basic ImageBrowser, because i just want 1 image from the gallery to show at any given time

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @lsaguiar – I may not be understanding what you are trying to accomplish, perhaps you can create some sort of mock-up so I can see what you want to do?

    – Cais.

    of course. i’l create that and will post here. thanks

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @lsaguiar – Thanks, hopefully that will help to get this sorted out.

    – Cais.

    in the first image i show what i have working: the user can navigate in the gallery, each image of it open an light box. its what’s online right now here:

    picture 1:

    fiddling with some parameters i’ve got the buttons back and next working. In “Other Options > Lightbox Effects > What effect would you like to use?”, used lightbox, instead of Thickbox.

    picture 1:

    this creates the buttons back and next in the lightbox, but only allows the user to navigate in the images currently loaded in the page, not the ones in the gallery. from the gallery shows only one image, the one currently loaded

    my goal would be to allow the user to navigate the entire collection, with the next and back buttons, without having to close the lightbox

    picture 1:

    If you think of anything i can do to achieve this goal, i’m all ears. thanks for your support!

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @lsaguiar – So, you are wanting the Lightbox Effect to navigate between galleries, not images? That functionality is not available in NextGEN Gallery if I am understanding you correctly.

    – Cais.

    sorry if i didn’t made myself clear. no, i need to navigate within the images of the gallery, while having the lightbox open. i only have one gallery, currently with 34 images.

    thanks for your patience

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @lsaguiar – Navigating from one image to the next is a standard function of all of the bundled Lightbox Effects, if that is not working then it must be something interfering with them (in general?!)

    – Cais.

    will do some tests, and will get back to you

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @lsaguiar – Thanks, let us know what you find.

    – Cais.

    well, i did have some conflicts on jquery, and was loading a outdated version. with the plugin “Switch jQuery Version” and now i only have jquery 1.11 loading. I also Activated

    define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);
    define(‘SCRIPT_DEBUG’, true);

    and i don’t have any errors, javascript or otherwise. i disabled all the other plugins, and am using the Twenty Fourteen theme, without any changes. and the problem persists

    to test, i inserted in the page one isolated image, outside the gallery, in plain html code. the gallery has about 30 images

    in Other Options > Lightbox Effects, i tried to use

    LightBox – i do have the back / next buttons, but the list of images remains at 2: the image set to be the preview of the gallery, and that single isolated image

    FancyBox – i don’t have back / next buttons

    HighSlide – i have some buttons, and also the information of the number of images in the gallery: 2

    shutter and thickbox – the same, without the buttons

    in the parameter “What must the lightbox be applied to?”, i tried all 4 options:

    1 – “Only apply to NextGEN images” and
    2 – “Try to apply to all images that link to image files”

    both show the 2 images previously mentioned

    3 – “Only apply to NextGEN and WordPress images” and
    4 – “Only apply to NextGEN images”

    with both of those options, i wont have the buttons, and shows only the first image of the gallery. Also, the reported number of images int the lightbox is 1

    I appreciate your help. Regards, Luis

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @lsaguiar – So you are testing an image not from a NextGEN Gallery display to see if the Lightbox Effects (bundled with NextGEN Gallery as a convenience) will display the gallery the image was taken from?

    I would not expect this to work at all, part of how the Lightbox Effects apply to the images also includes those images being accessible from the gallery display output. In most cases you can turn off the Lightbox Effects in NextGEN Gallery and use one of your own choosing … it will behave as its library has been coded.

    Again, and unfortunately, I must not be understanding what you are trying to achieve as from your description(s) I am not reading anything is “wrong”, the plugin appears to be working as I would expect it to.

    – Cais.

    i was expecting that with the lightbox open, i could cycle in the 30 images of the gallery. Not between the one image of gallery that is showing and the other image that i have on the page (witch is outside of the gallery, and therefore, shouldn’t be accessible in this list)

    this second image (its an image link) is there to show that if i apply the lightbox effect “to all images that link to image files”, it cycles between those two images. if i just “apply to NextGEN images”, it only shows one image (the one set to be the preview of the gallery), and the buttons disappear.

    So, there’s no way to navigate in the image gallery, with the lightbox open? the image browser only works as a browser wiht the lightbox closed?

    sorry for the misunderstanding, and thanks for your support

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