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    Hi anyone,

    I have been searching like 2 hours on how to embed or wrap a SMF forum into a WordPress page. I tried it but it didn’t show anything.

    Step One: create a page template and name it page-forum.php. Include all the necessary call for header and footer.

    Step two: Insert the

    <iframe style="width:900px; height:2250px;" frameborder="0" name="content" allowtransparency="true" src=""></iframe>

    Step three: Create a page using the forum template that we did.

    Step four: Save the page

    Step five: clik the page view result …

    Result: Unfortunately, in my case it did not show anything except a blank white page …

    did I missed something?

    How come like everybody did it while in my case it did not work.

    Please kindly to share your knowledge if anyone knows how to do it.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • If you do NOT include the iframe code in page-forum.php, does the page show something at least or is it also a white page?

    If it’s also just a white page, then there may be something wrong with calling the header and/or the footer.

    If it shows your site (header and footer at least) but not the forum, then there may be a problem with the forum itself.

    But that’s hard to say without seeing an actual link to your site.



    Hi Senff,

    First of all thank you for your respond. I guess I found something and is not the fault of the iframe because it responded and show the white page as it should and also the border. I also try changing the url to my website in show nicely.

    But I think the main cause is I install the SMF in the wrong folder, because from what I’ve tested it should be in my main domain and not in the external folder. This happened because I’m using an add on domain, which made my main domain (see Number 1 – below) is already in a folder, and then I installed the SMF in another external folder which is Number 2 below.

    I have poor english, so pardon me if my explanation hard to understand, since my situasion also complicated to explain 🙂

    But I think I figure it out and so far I think what cause it:

    Number 1: My domain currently running using an add on domain in a hosting that belongs to another domain (publichtml >

    This make my domain located inside a folder that I’m currently running my WordPress that I’m using, which is: So it will look like this: (publichhtml > folder titled “mydomain”)

    When I install the SMF forum, I’ve installed it outside my Because I made a subdomain (see Number 2 – below), which also created another folder titled “forum”. So from publichhtml view both folder are separated and position equally or like pair.

    Number 2: My SMF forum is in my sub domain:

    So finally I erase the SMF forum and create a folder inside “mydomain” folder which is now look like this:

    publichtml > folder “mydomain-my main wordpress” > folder “forum-my SMF app”

    Guess what? Now it worked but this make my website slower just a bit. So, I’m planning to purchase another host and move “mydomain” and “myforum” to that host.

    Please give your views on this and thank you.

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