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  • Hello,
    I am currently working on a simple page with a few photos and videos describing the project. The videos I need to input are a few seconds long and need to be looped, without the ability to pause or fast forward etc. Just plain, looped content with an autoplay. Here is a great example of what I would like to get: (those small videos explaining the work).

    I wonder how could I achieve this? It works almost perfect when using the “video” block in Elementor, but to achieve the file size that would allow for such usage means having very low video quality. I thought of using external hosting. So far Dailymotion works the best, but there is a problem. I can either use a “video” block and paste the link, and this allows me to hide the video controls well. However, this method does not support looping.

    The second method using Dailymotion is to embed HTMl code generated by Dailymotion. This way I can easily loop the video, but there is no such option to hide the video controls.

    Using the last method, hosted video, it does not respond when using Dailymotion URL.

    Does somebody have any ideas how to do this? Either to hide controls in Dailymotion HTML embed, or to loop the video, or maybe to use other external hosting. I’ll be really thankful!

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  • Html5 Video Player Plugin could work for you.
    With the Free version, you will need to upload video files to your media library.

    1. Install and activate
    2. Add a block called “HTML5 Video Player”
    3. Update the “Settings” and “Controls”

    Screenshot of “Controls” section:

    It will add a gradient overlay on your video (for the control to be always visible). You probably don’t need that – you can hide it by adding this to the Additional CSS (Appearance → Customize → Additional CSS):

    .h5vp_player .plyr--video .plyr__controls {
        background-image: none;

    If you are not familiar with CSS editing, you can refer to this doc (this is about but should look very similar on your site)

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