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How to embed demo mp3s?

  • IslandOwl


    I am a voice talent and am moving my blog from Typepad to self-hosted WordPress. On Typepad I used <a "class="inline-player" href="http://xxx.typepad.com/Demo-Narration/Ninesteps.mp3"> to make it such that the “Ninesteps” demo would play right there – without taking the listener to a different page. If I use the same code in WordPress it plays, but it takes the listener to a blank page with the play bar showing while the demo plays.

    I tried to find a plugin that would just allow the demos to play while the person stays on the demo page but I just ended up getting befuddled by the choices! These are not podcasts. They are just short clips – each about a minute in length.


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  • AcentoDigital


    You should try the WP Audio Player plugin, I am currently using it and works great! http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpaudio-mp3-player/

    Pioneer Web Design


    See this also as HTML5 now natively supports audio and video playback.



    Thank you for the suggestions.

    The problem I have with wpaudio is just that it has not had any updates since October of 2010!! That seems like it could cause a security risk because the WordPress php has been updated numerous times since then. Am I incorrect about the lack of updates being a possible security issue? I posted a question about this to the Plugin’s page but the creator of wpaudio, “toddiceton“, has not even been active on WordPress.org for well over a year. (437 days as of this writing.)

    I tried MediaElement.js which @swanson suggested but the audo still opens in it’s own screen instead of staying on the page. And it looks like that developer is not real active either.

    If I try to do it through Jetpack – which claims I should be able to here, same thing – opens in it’s own page. If I try to put in the code they show on that help page [audio http://addresslocation/myblog.mp3%5D the code shows up on the page!

    In other words, HELP!!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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