• Hi, I’m trying to remove all commas from the output of a list of items that were created in the fields manager using your dropdown menu widget.

    For example, here is a dropdown list:

    If a user selects all the items, the output on the profile form looks like:
    car, motorcycle, bicycle, skateboard

    I don’t want to use javascript code to remove these commas, but I need the result literally to be carmotorcyclebicycleskateboard. I was hoping you could point me to where in your core code I can modify this.

    Thanks and very nice plugin deserving 5 stars!

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    Hi @wptutorial,

    This requires customization on your end. You can try the following filter hook to modify the return meta value:

    – um_profile_field_filter_hook__select
    – um_profile_field_filter_hook__multiselect

    Both of these return 2 arguments : $value and $data


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    Thanks for the hooks they worked perfectly!

    We were able to create array of booleans, built tags and complex lists for the client. The tags are separated by their own css instructions so there was no need for commas. They look like buttons rather than tags similar to the reply’s composition window bbcode in this forum.

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    This is what I was referring to:

    View post on imgur.com

    Looks a lot better than comma separated text, doesn’t it?

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