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    My problem is this. I have been asked to help update a website that was created by someone else. It is a very simple site and I thought this would be very easy as it only involves changing pictures and some text, just download the html file edit and upload, but it transpires that this site was created with wordpress.

    So I have access to all the php files, but no idea where to look for what I need to edit. I have searched on here and all I can find is stuff about the wordpress admin panel. Do I really have to use wordpres to edit this site and if so how do I activate it?

    At this stage I’m considering rewriting the whole thing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated…..this site is NOT a blog.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • If it was created in wordpress you don’t need to download wordpress… you just need the login details and the url for the website.

    The url to login is usually just the web address with /wp-admin added on the end. eg http://www.yourwebsite/wp-admin

    Log in there and then you can edit the content etc.

    Editing through wordpress is actually much easier then downloading, editing, uploading etc… there is an html mode in wordpress too which is great if you prefer to view the pages in code view which in my opinion is much better than using the “user friendly” view which is a little buggy.

    Many thanks for the swift reply brad.

    Therein lies a problem. Obviously I have the web address of the site and I have the login information to the hosting site, but I do not have any login details for wordpress.

    Off to get some shuteye for now. Thanks again for the input….don’t really know how I’m gonna get around this though if I don’t have the login details without rewriting the site.

    I’m sure there’s info around about getting access if the log-in info is lost.

    Yes, the only info seems to revolve around sending it out to the registered email address (which is also of no use as it is the original developers).

    Ahhh well, looks like a re-write.

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    No need to remake the site from scratch. If you have access to the database and ftp, you should be able to get into WordPress with admin access fairly easily.

    It involves (after doing a database backup) changing the admin user’s user_login & user_email in the database using phpMyAdmin and then running the emergency password reset script from which you can upload by ftp (& then delete the script asap for obvious reasons).

    Apologies for the delay in responding as I’ve been away for a few days.

    Numeeja: Many, many thanks for your input. I’m in.

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    Looks like you can mark this topic as resolved. :o)

    I used Blue Host for my domain and hosting. I downloaded WP through them.
    I chose Pixel as the theme. I have added some pages and a title etc.
    When I go to edit the website all I see is the theme code.
    Where do I find the code for the information that I entered as I do not see it in the PHP code.
    I would like to add a jpeg in front of the title so I need to find the code where my stuff is at.
    Also how do I move my blog from one page to another. I imported it and it went to the home page. I would like it on its own page. Also I think that I would rather link to it than to export import is this possible?
    Thank you



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    @evoluto1: Please post a new topic.

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