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  • Hi

    Did you try editing your language file?

    I hope that helps.

    figured it out by editing the text wpuf-add-post.php but for some reason i cannot add a link whole site stop workin when i do that. any ideas why?


    else {
                printf( __( "This page is restricted. Please %s to view this page.", 'wpuf' ), wp_loginout( get_permalink(), false ) );

    Be aware that you´ll lose the translation on future updates, ok?

    If you prefer just open your language po file and around line 47 you should find:

    msgid "This page is restricted. Please %s to view this page."
    msgstr "Página restrita. Por favor faça o %s para poder acessá-la.."

    Translate the msgstr to whatever you want.

    Regarding the briking link take a look if you don´t forget any ” and the %s sign, close to “Please %s”

    Hi StickFinger thanks for your help. I was able to edit the text using the first example but everytime i try to add a link in the text (to my registration page) the site got a syntax T error. Any idea how add a link in to that template file?

    When trying to change the language po file the changed text wouldnt show for some reason.

    Once again thanks for your help!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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