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  • Hi guys, I see alot of people here provide a great deal of help to others, and I hope the same can be to with me. My problem is that I can not edit any themes I install onto my blog. Every section I go to in the theme editor says “If this file were writable you could edit it.” How can I make the files ‘writable’? I tried editing themes I installed on another site I had a year ago, and I could edit them then,not now tho =(

    Any advice or help would be appreciated, thanks!

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  • Hello

    You need to change the permissions of the files you want to edit inorder to do it form the WP control panel, but the best way to edit them is locally on your comp, save then to the hard drive and then upload them to the server with the changes.

    Either way you are going to need an FTP program, or at least that is how I do it.

    You need to log into the server via an FTP and right click the file and choose ‘File Attributes” or “CHMOD” (there may be more) and set it to have read and write permissions.

    Set it to 666.

    If you edit them locally and the FTP them up you do not have to change the permissions

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks a ton, that’s exactly what I needed!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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